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Gianfranco Fabbris

Gianfranco began his painting experience in line with a solid Italian renaissance tradition; working in the atelier/workshop of the famous Venetian landscape painter Giuseppe Marino. There he learned the techniques of oil painting and the basics of the craft. While still very young, he designed a series of sketches of Venetian historical figures and characters for a ceramics workshop in Bassano. When in Venice he paints in the style of the well known local artists like: Guidi, Licata, Vedova, Gambino and Borsato, whose activities he follows through personal contacts and by studying their works in various galleries and exhibitions. He is now one of the best-known experts, having analyzed and studied their brush strokes, styles, colours and techniques. Gianfranco has met Giorgio De Chirico and Renato Guttuso who sketched for him a “dove” in recognition of his painting competence and artist passion.

Gianfranco Fabbris - Artist

The landscape, the figures and the Venetian views painted by Gianfranco are a strong representation of his knowledge and his passion for the city on the lagoon. Vibrant colours applied with the brush or with the palette, give a lively and stimulating image; the “figure”, vaguely reminiscent of the impressionist style evokes affection and irony. Active in many collective exhibitions and present in many collections in Italy and abroad Gianfranco paints with serendipity to demonstrate his unique life adventure.

Born in Venice, Gianfranco traveled all over the world, today he lives and works in Western Australia, where he attended visual art at the Perth Institute of Technology. Often he returns to Venice, the legendary Venice of E. Hemingway Harry’s bar, Biennale of Art and famous Carnival. In his city he finds new inspirations and captures the themes of his works. Gianfranco Fabbris permanently exhibits at the Mozart Art Studio and at Bottega d’arte in San Marco Venice.

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