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Fine Art Exhibitions



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We are now operating from our studio

and distribution centre in Balcatta

(Western Australia).

We have a selection of original artworks, reproductions and large format fine art photography.
If you are interested in purchasing some beautiful art for your home or office, placing a custom order, or organising a viewing or installation at your home  please contact us via phone on 
0439 538 853 or email:
to arrange an appointment.

       Open by       appointment

Monday - Saturday

Gallery Joondalup copy.jpg
Open Day invitation print 20x10cm.jpg

Please come and enjoy our beautiful Australian Landscape prints and meet the photographers. Also available are original paintings by local and European artists. There will be an artist in residence painting during the open day event and more.

26 - 27  of  October 2019

10 am - 4 pm

Open Day on Wray poster square Insta.jpg

99 South Terrace, Fremantle,

Western Australia

Exhibitions 2018

Poster The Female Spirit2 small.jpg

"The Bushland Collection"

21- 30 November 2018

Poster FB.jpg

Be inspired by Australia's flora and fauna. Experience

a beautiful interpretation of wildflower blooms, colours and textures. 
A realistic approach blended with

a humorous and vibrant counterpoint. Impressive paintings, tapestry, crochet & photographs.

Featured artists:

Tammy Shirley

poster large.jpg

Featured artists in September 2018

Web Everlasting 2 copy.jpg
Peter Kendall artwork, see more how he captures the essence of the Australian Bush.
The Alien.jpg

Close up photography by Magda Wasiczek, double winner

of The International Garden Photographer of the Year. 

Featured European artists in June and July 2018
Surrealism and Fantasy
Two amazing and creative artists. Two different styles with complementary similarities. Experience abstract painting in large and small format in vibrant colours and textures, uplifting and whimsical by their nature, bold, modern and entertaining.

"ABSTRACTION" till 14 of April 2018

    Featuring artist: Peter Kendall
   leading Australian fine artist and portraitist, 
    large format oil paintings, mixed media tapestry on hessian             and sculpture

Latest Peter Kendall original,

bush artwork

"Silver Princess Kings Park"

Modern Impressionist-
original painting
by Gianfranco Fabbris
("Sentimental Intrigue")
Landscape photography
by Graham Newman 
large format
("Perfect Dune")

February- March 2018

previous exhibitions 2017
Original paintings by Venetian artist Gianfranco Fabrris
Once to Venice
is never enough.
Go back with “Venissima Seconda”. Experience again the vibrance
and passion that is Venice captured
in the modern impressionist style.
Triple win in the international competition American Art Award October 2017
juried by the Best Galleries & Museums in America:
- 1st place in Futurism category
- 1st place in Surrealism category
- 2nd place in Erotic Male category
Photography and painting by various artists,
focus on Southern Coast  and the Red Centre of Australia



Original painting
by Venetian artist
Gianfranco Fabbris
1/07/2017 - 31/07/2017
Exhibition featuring multi award winning photography
by Magda Wasiczek
10/05/2017 - 31/05/2017
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